Commonly Asked Questions About Bondurant


EVERYBODY wants to direct the Bondurant traffic to their site! So just be patient, there’s only one official Bondurant, and that’s us.  

We’ve explained it all here and here

At this time there are currently no schools in the world that are licensed to use the copyrighted Bondurant Teaching Method. This includes schools that have hired former Bondurant instructors. 

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Bondurant sold their old Wild Horse Pass assets in 2019 to a bidder, but this did not include the Bondurant name. See the full story here and here. Bondurant never sold its name contrary to numerous misleading and untrue articles.

The current operators of the former Bondurant location at Wild Horse Pass have their own identity. Bondurant has never been affiliated with them in any way.

Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving

Bondurant Method (copyrighted)
Bondurant SuperKarts
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Bondurant (Merchandise)

Bondurant endorsement agreements are also available.

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Bob is semi-retired, hands-on, and his entire focus is on ensuring that the Bondurant School he founded in 1968 goes far into the next 50 years.

We are currently accepting resumes in various positions from administration, mechanics, and instructors.

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We will be announcing a date and location for the new Bondurant facility very soon. However, we are currently looking at other tracks to facilitate the school classes while the new facility is under construction, which will take at least a few years.