Professional Driver Training in Phoenix, AZ

All car enthusiasts and race car drivers who are interested in attending the #1 racing school in the world, then Bondurant Racing School is the perfect fit for you. We offer professional driver training in Phoenix, AZ, for those who are interested in becoming racing professionals. Join us at to learn about us and our professional driver school.

Bondurant Racing School

Our professional driving school was founded in 1968 by Bob Bondurant. Bob is the first and only American to win the World Manufacturers Championship and has been inducted into ten Halls of Fame. For nearly 55 years, Bondurant Racing School has been teaching individuals how to handle any vehicle at high speeds with safety and confidence by teaching the Bondurant Method.

While we have trained many auto enthusiasts, like yourself, we are renowned for training race car drivers. Bondurant has also trained many celebrities for their upcoming movies— such as Christian Bale, Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Tim Allen, Owen Wilson, and more. We have a long history of training NASCAR drivers, such as Chase Elliot, Kyle Larson, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, and both Busch brothers to name a few of the Bondurant Graduates.

Racing Courses

At Bondurant Racing School, we offer a variety of course options including our most popular Grand Prix Road Racing course. We also have courses such as Racing, Advanced Road Racing, High-Performance Driving, Teen Driving, and more. Bondurant has trained the military, law enforcement, and tactical training since 1968.

While many people seek our services because of their need for speed, we teach you how to do this safely. Bondurant trains drivers how to race and handle complications that may arise on the track without endangering themselves or others.

For more information on Bondurant racing courses, submit your information on a submission form at If you are interested in professional driver training, the team at Bondurant Racing School can provide you with the best education and hands-on experience.