The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

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COURAGE. You can call it character, you can call it determination, or you can just call it guts. Historically, courage changes everything. It’s what gives you the confidence to be bold and to push harder. Ask any race car driver and they will tell you, on the edge, exceeding the limits, is where harmony is found.

Driven by desire, Bondurant has always dominated. There are those who have always followed and tried to duplicate, but they can only attempt to copy where we have been …
They have no idea where we are going."


In 1968 Bob Bondurant founded the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and set out to establish one company, working as one team to be the best in the world. This team, driven to exceed all expectations, set out to bring the most exhilarating, inspiring, school of high-performance driving to motor sports fans around the world.

2021 is a year that called on Pat and Bob Bondurant to focus their new direction; to move boldly and do the right things to fuel their continued legacy. After all, Bob Bondurant is the only American World Champion Driver, Le Mans winner, and inducted into ten Hall of Fames, so there’s a reason they’ve been around for 53 years, they know what it takes to succeed.

Bob Formula Ford

World Champion Bob Bondurant


Since February 14th, 1968, Bondurant has been the premier driver-training destination for everyone from racing professionals looking for that winning edge to daily commuters seeking to become more proficient behind the wheel. Everyone who walked through the Bondurant doors was taught the copyrighted “Bondurant Method,” developed by the most respected Racing School in the world.

From the professional race track to the big screen, Bob Bondurant, for more than 50 years, has trained anyone with a driver’s license and a set of keys to handle any vehicle at extremely high speeds by combining the oft-chased union of precision, safety and self-confidence.

In late 2018, Pat and Bob Bondurant found themselves embroiled in an unfortunate and unforeseen family business situation where they were victimized as a result of a power struggle and attempted character assaults perpetrated by certain close family members looking to take over the company. You can read more about it  HERE (AP Wire Press Release) and HERE (Forbes).

In less than a year’s time, enough financial and infrastructural damage had taken place to force the legendary racing school into Chapter 11 protection. As a resulting worse-case scenario, the school’s assets were sold off in 2019.

The current operators of the formerly leased facility have renamed the facility and have no affiliation with Bob Bondurant or the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving/ Bondurant Racing School.

The Bondurants intend to reopen their school under an all-new ownership and management structure, at an exciting new location, and are currently entertaining investor inquiries on opportunities to purchase the Bondurant Trademark License Rights.


Be a part of the unmatched history and credibility of the legendary Bondurant Brands and copyrighted teaching methodology.


“My life has been lived in two halves. The first was becoming a World Champion driver. The second was teaching the world to become champions.”

Bob Bondurant

"As the President and CEO of Bondurant, I have always known that being the best in the world isn't easy and isn't a fixed point. It's constantly changing; technology advances, drivers get better, and times get faster. After 50 years, the Bondurant brand has risen to prominence on the international racing stage, our best measurement for victory has become our own stunning success. Our goal is always to be better than we were before because looking forward doesn't just happen on race day; it happens every day."

– Pat Bondurant